For more healthy living resources, visit these sites:

  • Daniel Plan Official Site: this site has a number of resources, including recipes, fitness tips, and devotionals!
  • Dr. Mark Hyman’s Recipe Archive: This doctor was involved with creating the Daniel Plan and he has some recipes on his site that are not in the book.
  • 100 Days of Real Food: As the title suggests, this is a blog dedicated to eating all real food (a major component of the Daniel Plan!). Many recipes are not as focused on vegetables as the Daniel Plan is, and some contain potential allergens (gluten, dairy), so you have to evaluate each recipe yourself.
  • The Nourishing Home: Another blog dedicated to eating real food. Again, not every recipe will be appropriate for the Daniel Plan, but many are really great healthy recipes.
  • Love and Lemons: this is a blog that has some great recipes. They are focused on eating a lot of vegetables, so many (but not all) of the recipes are in line with the Daniel Plan.

If you are looking for more economical ways to eat healthy, check out community supported agriculture. These are programs where individuals can sign up for a “share” of a farm for a season (for a set price) and in return receive a box of vegetables each week (there are also similar programs for eggs and/or meat). These programs can provide a significant value over buying produce at the farmer’s market or the grocery store (and you know the produce is fresh!). Here are some local options:

You can also check out my pinterest boards for more recipes (not all recipes are completely Daniel Plan friendly – some require substitutions):

Uncategorized Healthy Recipes:

Juices and smoothies:

Eating Seasonally//Spring recipes

Eating Seasonally//Summer recipes

Eating Seasonally//Autumn recipes

Eating Seasonally//Winter recipes

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