All About Wheat, Gluten, and Whole Grains

So something that’s confused me over the years of trying to eat healthy is what exactly different labels on wheat products and other grains mean. Here’s a summary of important terms (definitions and other notes) to consider when you are trying to eat whole, real foods:

Wheat Flour – This is also known as white flour and doesn’t contain all parts of the wheat grain – generally most of the bran and germ have been removed. Also note that “unbleached enriched wheat flour” on product labels is also the same as white flour.

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Day 14

Today I’ve been a little tired again, but not as bad as yesterday. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: A runny egg with some sauteed asparagus (prep time: 10 minutes)

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Preparing to detox, part 1

My husband and I are going to be starting the a 10-day detox this week (See the Daniel Plan book, section of Chapter 10 called The Daniel Plan Detox for more info). I definitely need to take time to prepare for this, otherwise it’s a really difficult detox to follow! For the detox I am getting rid of:

  • alcohol
  • processed/fast food (anything with additives or chemicals)
  • artificial sweeteners
  • all added sugar
  • all dairy
  • all gluten

Personally, I’m not going to entirely eliminate caffeine this time, I will keep drinking green tea, but I do recommend gradually decreasing your caffeine before the detox starts if you want to get rid of caffeine as the book recommends.
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