All the Nutrition, Just One Bowl

Lately I’ve been making single-bowl meals a lot. For example, last week I combined quinoa with a simple oil and vinegar dressing and some garlic and onions and topped it with green beans, crushed almonds, and a hard-boiled egg. It was delicious and easy and included lots of textures.

There is also something great about having a whole meal in one bowl. Healthy bowls are also great because they have lots of variety and it’s easy to switch out a protein or a vegetable to give yourself a few more options. Here are some recipes that are pretty good – most of them are completely Daniel Plan compliant. A few of these need some basic substitutions to make them healthier – such as using brown rice rather than white or omitting sugar from the dressing.

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Preparing Vegetables for Health AND Flavor

20150403_112602When I first starting eating a whole food diet, I found it really difficult to figure out how to prepare different vegetables. After all, what’s more boring than eating steamed broccoli every night. For me, the most motivating factor for keeping vegetables in my diet is that I have found ways to cook them that are delicious. For basics, I found this website very useful for figuring out basic ways to prepare different kinds of vegetables, but knowing how to cook vegetables is not necessarily the same thing as knowing how to cook delicious, healthy vegetables.

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