Day 27 and Budget Update

Breakfast: Banana baked oatmeal with peanut butter (prep time: a minute to spread the peanut butter)

Lunch: Quinoa with green beans, almonds, hard boiled eggs, garlic, oil and lemon juice (prep time: a minute to pack up in the morning)

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Day 14

Today I’ve been a little tired again, but not as bad as yesterday. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: A runny egg with some sauteed asparagus (prep time: 10 minutes)

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Day 7

Breakfast: Blueberry chia seed porridge. This is really easy – 1 cup almond milk, 4 tbsp chia seeds, and a big handful of blueberries. Combine in a jar and shake it up. Refrigerate several hours – I made it last night and ate it this morning (prep time: 5 minutes active time, 4+ hours in the refrigerator)

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Preparing to detox, part 2


So today I did the shopping for the detox that is starting this Thursday. When I took stock yesterday I found that I have a lot of grains (rice and quinoa) still stocked up, so I mainly spent my budget on proteins and vegetables. My personal shopping list to stock up for the next four weeks is as follows (unless otherwise indicated, prices are for Wegmans in Dewitt, feel free to respond in the comments if you find any of this cheaper elsewhere!): Continue reading

Preparing to detox, part 1

My husband and I are going to be starting the a 10-day detox this week (See the Daniel Plan book, section of Chapter 10 called The Daniel Plan Detox for more info). I definitely need to take time to prepare for this, otherwise it’s a really difficult detox to follow! For the detox I am getting rid of:

  • alcohol
  • processed/fast food (anything with additives or chemicals)
  • artificial sweeteners
  • all added sugar
  • all dairy
  • all gluten

Personally, I’m not going to entirely eliminate caffeine this time, I will keep drinking green tea, but I do recommend gradually decreasing your caffeine before the detox starts if you want to get rid of caffeine as the book recommends.
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