Day 40

This is the last day I will be posting my meals on this blog! I have a few recipes that I will still post later this week (potluck recipes, especially), but other than that this is about it! I hope that you all have found this blog helpful as you’ve been going through the process of trying to integrate more real foods into your lifestyles. Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Baked banana oatmeal with peanut butter (prep time: about 30 minutes on the weekend to bake oatmeal for the week, about 2 minutes in the morning to spread peanut butter)

Lunch: Quinoa with greens, hard-boiled egg, and some white beans (prep time: About 20 minutes to put meals together for the week)

Dinner:  Fish (flounder) and spicy slaw with broccoli and rice (prep time: about 30 minutes)

Snacks: It was especially hot and exhausting on the farm on Monday so I picked up some trail mix on the way home to keep me going. It’s weird – after eating such a low sugar diet for these 40 days the dried fruit in the mix tasted really sweet to me!


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