Day 37

Breakfast: I was running late this morning and had run out of the pre-made breakfast I usually have around so I stopped to grab a Kind bar at the convenience store. These are not as good as larabars, they have some added sugar, but skipping breakfast is also not good so it was the best option I had on my way to work.

Lunch: Leftover healthy bowl: chickpeas, quinoa, tahini dressing, vegetables (prep time: about a minute to pack up in the morning)

Dinner: A piece of broccoli onion frittata and some spanish rice (basmati rice with onions, tomatoes, and a little browned ground beef) (prep time: 45 minutes total, the frittata takes a while in the oven to finish, about 30 minutes active cooking time)

Snacks: Pineapple, a handful of almonds


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