Day 30

Well folks I’m sorry I’ve been so boring this week. When I’m busy (which I have been at the farm all this week) I tend to just eat the same things all the time. Here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Banana baked oatmeal with peanut butter (prep time: a minute to spread the peanut butter)

Lunch: Quinoa with green beans, almonds, hard boiled eggs, garlic, oil and lemon juice (prep time: a minute to pack up in the morning)

Dinner: I was at a party last night, where I mainly ate hummus, guacamole, and some bruchetta with some flatbread and dipping veggies. I also had a couple of juice-based mixed drinks and a little bit of dark chocolate mousse so I probably had more sugar than I usually do (and some dairy in the chocolate mousse and bruchetta) but I honestly still feel pretty good today. I would generally not recommend juice or cream-based foods (like mousse) to folks on the Daniel Plan, but sometimes when you are celebrating you make exceptions. I’m going to be transitioning back to the 90-10 rule for the Daniel Plan over the next couple of weeks – the idea being that occasional exceptions can be okay and healthy if you follow the guidelines for the Daniel Plan the other 90% of the time. More on this to come!


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