Day 26

So today I was pretty hungry between lunch and dinner. I need to remember to pack enough protein since I’m so active throughout the day. I also find that I’m hungrier on cool days than on warm days. Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Banana oatmeal bake with peanut butter (prep time: these took about 30 minutes to prep for the whole week last night. Took about a minute to spread the peanut butter in the morning)

Lunch: Leftover white bean cabbage soup from last week, a handful of almonds (prep time: about 5 minutes to heat up the soup and pack it into a thermos)

Dinner: Veggie-heavy pasta salad (I ate at a friend’s house so it wasn’t whole wheat pasta, unfortunately). (prep time: made by my friend so none)

Snacks: Fresh pineapple slices and a piece of dark chocolate

Prep for week: I already made the baked oatmeal for the week last night (prep time: 30 minutes), but I still needed to make food for lunches. I made quinoa with curried veggies and hard-boiled some eggs (prep time: 20 minutes to make lunches for the week).


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