Day 17

Breakfast: Two-egg omelette with avocado and onions (prep time: 20 minutes)

Lunch: Leftover lentils with spring greens and oil and vinegar (prep time: less than 5 minutes)

Dinner: Baked flounder fillet over a salad of roasted purple potatoes, roasted asparagus, and grapefruit sections with a citrus vinaigrette (prep time: 30 minutes)

Snacks: A few slices of cheese with whole grain crackers, carrot sticks

Preparation for the week: Made a carrot sesame salad to eat with the rest of the leftover lentils for my lunches for the week, made banana baked oatmeal for my breakfasts for the week (I make this in a mini-loaf pan instead of a 9×9 inch pan so that I end up with 8 individual baked oatmeal loafs – great for grabbing on my way out the door in the morning) (prep time: 40 minutes total for salad and oatmeal, including bake time)


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