Day 16

Breakfast: A breakfast salad: 2 hardboiled eggs, mixed salad greens, carrots, and oil and lemon juice (prep time: 20 minutes)

Lunch: I ate breakfast late and dinner early so I just grabbed a handful of almonds for lunch (prep time: 0 minutes)

Dinner: We had dinner plans with a friend from out of town so we ended up eating at dinosaur BBQ. You may say – how could you ever eat remotely healthy there? I would not recommend trying it if you can avoid it, but here’s what i ended up eating:

  • Barbequed salmon with cooked greens
  • Tomato cucumber salad
  • Baked beans
  • Some extra veggies at home before I left to curb my appetite

Dinosaur BBQ sauce has surprisingly few additives compared to most commercial BBQ sauces – the only really bad ingredient is sugar and even that is only 6g per serving, still much lower than most commercial condiments – so I feel alright about my choices!

Edit: Just a general note I wanted to add – it’s always difficult to eat well when eating out. I try not to eat out too often for that reason. Still, my personal priorities are that occasionally community has the be the priority. If you are just starting out on the daniel plan I definitely recommend being a little more strict than I was here. I did want to be open and honest here that sometimes I eat foods that are not strictly daniel plan but I still try to make my choices as healthy as possible.


4 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. Ate Wendy’ s last night….felt like lead in the pool today. Stocked back up with groceries!! Making homemade spag sauce tomorrow with home canned tomatoes.


      • Me too. I had lost 13 pounds with the detox and then ate ham and mashed pots with tons of sour cream at Easter and put 6 back on……ugh
        The Easter candy has been tough too. My kids seriously got so much candy it looks like a Halloween haul. I have not completely binged on it….but will sneak a handful of jellybeans here and there. Damn sugar addiction anyway. Lol
        I am trying not to be too hard on myself when I have a small slip up. Also have a plan for increasing my exercise. Swimming is great…..but time to add in some squats, planks, and pushups to increase my strength so I can go further in the pool.
        Random question…..can you post a recipe for guacamole? I love to eat it, but have never made it myself……thanks


      • That’s a good attitude! The daniel plan is about changing your long term habits, not a short term diet, so it’s important not to let slip ups stop you! And I do have a good guacamole recipe – I will post it later today!


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