Day 11

Happy Easter everyone!! The first day off the detox I didn’t go too crazy, but it is a holiday so I was a little looser on the rules than I usually would have been. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: 2 eggs over easy over two small red potato pancakes. A big bowl of spinach salad with sunflower seeds and lemon juice/olive oil dressing

Lunch: I didn’t eat much lunch because I had a slightly larger breakfast and dinner than usual. I just had some fruit salad and vegetables at church along with a cup of black coffee (yay!)

Dinner: We ate dinner at Paul’s grandmother’s house. Luckily my husband’s family are pretty healthy eaters. We had:

  • Mixed green salad with cucumber, carrots, and homemade vinaigrette
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Baked sweet potatoes with apples and onions
  • Sliced ham (ham is technically not the greatest thing to eat since it contains nitrates, but since the detox is over and it’s a holiday I splurged and had a little bit)

I skipped dessert and it was still a pretty healthy meal with lots of veggies!

I haven’t introduced dairy or gluten into my diet yet, but I probably will within the next few days (I don’t really eat either that regularly anyway).


One thought on “Day 11

  1. So since the detox was over and I made it through with out cheating once, I allowed this day to be my splurge. I still did a smoothie for breakfast and had fruits and veggies at church, but we ate dinner at my husband’s aunt’s house. I ate everything!!
    I allowed myself this one meal to splurge and my belly is sooooooo upset from it but I don’t care….it was deeeelicious. Tomorrow I will be back to completely eating clean again. ….my belly is much happier that way…. =)


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