Day 8

So yesterday the weather was so nice that the day got away from me! So here’s what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: The last of the breakfast frittata bites (prep time: 0 minutes – finishing off the batch I made last week)

Lunch: Winter lunch bowl (prep time: less than 5 minutes to pack into a tupperware in the morning)

Dinner: Fish with Spicy Raw Slaw (recipe from the Daniel Plan book – I used wild-caught flounder and I didn’t have almond butter so I omitted that), some quinoa with a little garlic and olive oil (prep time: about 20 minutes)

Snacks: A pear, carrots and homemade guacamole


2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Stuck to the detox again today, was difficult because I was kid sitting a 4 and 5 year old plus had my three at hime so I was super busy, and unprepared. I taught prek at church last night and because I was unprepared I had to do a smoothie for dinner, which was fine, but had to go get Easter candy after. It smelled sooooooo good, and I had a terrible headache, but I stayed strong. When I got home my headache was bad and I was starving. I realized that I had not had enough water that day. Barely 3 glasses, so I got myself some walnuts almonds and pumpkin seeds and drank a glass of water and went to bed. Tomorrow will be better…


    • Rebecca – yeah you have to keep hydrated! Especially when you are detoxing! That’s great that you were able to figure out that it was water that was causing your headache. I think that one of the best things about doing this detox is that it forces you to be more self aware!


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