Day 4

Breakfast: I had to be at church early this morning so my husband and I ate more of the breakfast frittata bites I made the other day! (prep time: 0 minutes)

Lunch: I eat lunch late on Sundays because I don’t get back from church until 2 – so we used the extra chicken we cooked last night along with some dandelion greens, some avocado, some chopped green onion, shredded carrots, and oil and lemon juice to make a quick salad (prep time: 5 minutes)

How to store a partial avocado: there are many methods I’ve read about but only one way that has worked for me to store half an avocado without it turning brown. Store the partial avocado in an airtight container (like a tupperware) with a few pieces of chopped onion (red onion works best but white works also).

Dinner: Since we ate lunch so late we are eating a light dinner: fried rice with a couple of eggs and lots of veggies (broccoli, onions, carrots, a couple of mushrooms we had leftover from earlier in the week) (prep time: 30 minutes)

Snacks: fruit at church

Preparations for the week: I quick-soaked and cooked black beans (see my post on cooking dried beans), cooked some quinoa, and prepped a double batch of the winter lunch bowl recipe I posted here for Paul and me to eat for lunches this week (prep time: 2 hours including soak time for the beans, only about 30 minutes of that was active cooking time)

At this point, I still have frittata bites leftover from the batch I made midweek and I still have smoothie ingredients, so right now I will not be spending more than 5 minutes on either breakfast or lunch any day this week.


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