Day 2

Hey folks! I don’t know about you all, but I’m definitely dragging from the decreased caffeine! Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: 3 breakfast frittata bites (I posted this recipe a couple of days ago). I made these the other day when I made the lentils I’ve been eating for lunches. I like to do smoothies for breakfast when I have the time, but I keep the frittata bites around for if I’m running a little late, like I was this morning (prep time: about 30 minutes the other day when I made them, now 0 minutes each morning – I just grab and go!)

Lunch: Lentils with taco seasoning in lettuce wraps (this was the same batch as yesterday so prep time: less than 5 minutes to spoon into a tupperware with some lettuce)

Dinner: Paul and I had plans to have dinner with some friends tonight before we knew we were starting to detox this week, and we didn’t want to cancel our plans. It isn’t really ideal to eat out during a detox, but sometimes community has to come first. Luckily our friends were understanding and I think we were generally able to keep to the spirit of the detox. I ate the vegetables they prepared (carrots, cabbage, and red-skinned potatoes) and a small portion of meat (beef brisket). For a similar recipe, check out the crockpot beef and veggie stew in the daniel plan book. I also had a small side of fruit salad.

Snacks: An apple (I know I didn’t have these on my weekly shopping list, I just had a few leftover from a previous shopping trip)

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