Day 40

This is the last day I will be posting my meals on this blog! I have a few recipes that I will still post later this week (potluck recipes, especially), but other than that this is about it! I hope that you all have found this blog helpful as you’ve been going through the process of trying to integrate more real foods into your lifestyles. Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast: Baked banana oatmeal with peanut butter (prep time: about 30 minutes on the weekend to bake oatmeal for the week, about 2 minutes in the morning to spread peanut butter)

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Day 37

Breakfast: I was running late this morning and had run out of the pre-made breakfast I usually have around so I stopped to grab a Kind bar at the convenience store. These are not as good as larabars, they have some added sugar, but skipping breakfast is also not good so it was the best option I had on my way to work.

Lunch: Leftover healthy bowl: chickpeas, quinoa, tahini dressing, vegetables (prep time: about a minute to pack up in the morning)

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How to Store Leafy Greens

It’s getting to that time of year! Spring greens are sprouting and there are actually fresh vegetables at the farmer’s market! There are tons of leafy greens around, but the problem is storing them so they don’t wilt on the second day.

There is nothing worse than bringing home a beautiful bunch of kale only to find it wilted after only a couple of days. I’ve used the following method with a fair amount of success – greens can last up to two weeks in the crisper if they are stored correctly.


Wash the greens (keep the leaves as whole as possible – precut greens will not last as long)

  • Pat the greens dry or dry them in a salad spinner
  • Stack the greens on a towel (you can use paper towels for convenience)
  • Wrap the greens in the towel
  • Place the wrapped greens in a ziploc bag (or other airtight container)
  • The greens should stay fresh for 1-2 weeks